Are You Ready to Use Kick-Ass Accountability Coaching to Forge Your Unique Path and Get It Done

Are you stuck at home plowing through a ton of stuff, making progress, but know you can get a whole lot more done?

Starting to lose a little bit of steam here?

Then get ready for accountability coaching that will help you forge your unique path, for sure.

You Know You’re Ready for Kick-Ass Accountability When…

  • You can see where you’re heading, it’s so close you can taste it, you want it so bad, but you’re just not sure how you’re going to get there
  • You’re taking steps and making progress but you know you can get a lot more done
  • You can admit the ways you get slippery when it comes to following through
  • You think it would be awesome to have someone to talk and walk you through your action plan.
  • You’re ready to report your progress every single day, measuring your results as you move forward
  • You’re committed to taking specific action even when it’s hard for you to keep going
  • You’re ready to get ‘er done!

For Those Who are Ready to Forge Their Path, My Monthly Accountability Coaching Delivers

Here’s what you get when you hire me for monthly coaching:

  • 3 x 60-minute coaching sessions to clarify your goals, strategize how to best be held accountable, and mastermind business issues
  • A daily email prompting you for your progress and plan for the upcoming day, completely customized to your unique goals and daily habits
  • 5 to 15-minute accountability calls in the morning, for at least 3 weeks each month, to confirm your plan for the day and break it down into specific actionable steps
  • Big picture, yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly goal setting structures that influences and directs your daily action
  • Someone who is motivated to make sure your unique path in this world is firmly forged. You’re needed!

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